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New Folding Chair Dolly in Stock

We’ve been trying to address customer questions for a while now and one of the pain points that many customers who bought our folding chair dolly have experienced is the lack of ability to transport folding chairs utilizing the folding chair dolly from pavement to grass and back seamlessly.

The current wheels (see below) on the folding chair dolly are perfect for pavement but when you have 50 folding chairs on the folding chair dolly, it becomes a real nightmare to maneuver on grass.

Regular Folding Chair Cart Wheels

Enter the folding chair dolly with “no air” wheels...

No-Air Wheel Folding Chair Dolly

With heavy duty grooved wheels that evenly distribute weight, this cart easily transitions from grass to pavement with up to 50 chairs on it. The wheels are also what are coined “no air wheels”. Filled with foam instead of air, they will never deflate; making maintenance a breeze. The cart is priced at $175.00 CDN not including taxes or shipping.

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