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How to maintain Chiavari Chairs

NES Resin Chiavari ChairsAs the substantial portion of our customer base is comprised of party and event rental businesses, we understand the need to purchase products that allow for the most turns possible. Being able to continually rent out your products allows you a greater return on investment and more recurring revenue. Purchasing Chiavari Chairs is not a small investment to make, but a necessary one to cater to one of the more popular current event themes. Ensuring you are properly maintaining your investment will help ensure you can make the most of your inventory and increase the rental margins.

1) Purchase Chiavari Chairs based on the quality of the supplier.

Ensuring that the Chiavari Chairs you purchase are strong, durable and able to withstand a large load capacity will help safeguard your investment. Also, be wary of low cost Chiavari Chair suppliers – it seems cliché for me to say but many of our US competitors in particular have been known to push their manufacturing suppliers to cut the costs of their Chiavari Chair. Over time, this can only be done when shortcuts are made to the manufacturing process ultimately resulting in a reduction in the quality of the chairs over time.

2) As a Rental Company it makes sense for you to use Chiavari Chair Storage Covers to cover your chairs when not in use.

A banquet hall or hotel that uses Chiavari Chairs full time in their ballrooms generally do not need chair covers because there’s substantially less transportation and handling of the chairs which can cause wear and tear. Rental Businesses however, should consider using Chiavari Chair storage covers. Not only does this protective cover safeguard your chair during storage in the warehouse and transportation to and from events but it will greatly improve the aesthetic life of your chairs and reduce overall maintenance costs required to ensure your chairs are kept looking new. National Event Supply includes chiavari chair storage covers within the cost of their chair – but we also sell separately in case you bought from another supplier that didn’t include in your purchase.

3) Examine your Chiavari Chairs before every rental job.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the rental business, chairs can get scuffed up or scratched at an event – especially around the bottom of the legs. Wood Chiavari Chairs tend to show scratches more as the bare wood shows through once the coloured finish has been scratched. Scratches on Resin Chiavari chairs that have a similar colour to the exterior finish throughout the chair are less visible. That being said, touch ups can be performed on the chair by using a spray paint that matches with a clear top coat spray to help protect for future uses.

Hopefully this post will help make sure your Chiavari Chairs look like new for years to come.

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