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Lease Financing Options for the Party Rental Industry

The winter that would never end has finally come to a close. For most, it has been a slow start for the spring event season. Cash flow has been tight but now with the weather is finally turning warmer and business is picking up. You are getting requests for Chiavari chairs, tables and porcelain products you don’t have in stock. If you don’t buy them now you may lose the business to a competitor.

Not to worry, we have just the solution you need, Lease Financing for all your event equipment purchase requirements. Lease financing your purchase from a reputable leasing company is a great way to spread out large purchase costs over time to more closely match the sales the product will help you make. Lease terms typically range from 1 year to 5 years and some leasing companies will step payments up or down based on any seasonal fluctuations you may want to adjust payment for.

If you’ve been operating your Event Rental business for a number of years, leasing approval will generally be much quicker and easier than anything you might consider doing with your bank.

A sample of monthly payments from one of the Lease Financing companies.

Amount of Lease Financing10% Buyout at End of Lease$10 Buyout at End of Lease
  36 Month Term 48 Month Term 36 Month Term 48 Month Term
$10,000 $309.39 $244.02 $337.34 $265.45
$15,000 $460.90 $362.71 $503.20 $395.17
$20,000 $609.82 $478.71 $666.67 $522.39

Because we deal with a large number of party rental companies coast to coast across Canada, many of whom are making large purchases of Chiavari Chairs, Folding Tables or new porcelain dinnerware, we have become familiar with a number of lease financing companies who are very easy to deal with, professional and help to make our customer’s lives easier. Here’s a list to help you out:

1. Easylease Corp:

Easylease Corporation is a Canadian-based equipment leasing and finance company. They offer a full range of credit solutions to help you stretch your money, including equipment leasing, lease lines of credit, factoring, and term loans.

2. Jacova Financial:

Jacova Financial provides equipment leasing and financing solutions to small and medium sized businesses across a variety of industries. They offer industry leading equipment financing and also offer other services including vendor finance, corporate finance, transportation finance and insurance and financial services.

3. Pacific Sun Leasing:

Based in Kelowna, BC, Pacific Sun Leasing has been in business over 15 years helping a wide range of businesses locally and across Canada. They specialize in equipment leasing, and offer highly personalized service, a quick turnaround, and competitive pricing.

4. Lease-Line:

Lease-line has been providing uninterrupted equipment leasing services since 1985. The principals of the company are also the founders and have been in the equipment leasing industry since 1975. They’ve earned the trust of thousands of lessees and numerous vendors with their excellent equipment leasing service.

5. RoyNat Lease Finance:

Roynat Lease Finance is wholly owned by The Bank of Nova Scotia and, along with Scotia Leasing, is part of the Scotiabank Leasing Group. The Scotiabank Leasing Group is a single funding source for all sizes of leasing transactions, while Roynat’s focus is on the small to mid-ticket market.

Hopefully these 5 lease financing companies can provide you with the knowledge and security in being able to synchronize your purchase cost more finely tuned with your revenue earned.

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