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New Cruiser Table Cart Now In Stock

We have 24”, 30” and 36” wood cruiser tables available which are an event staple and a must-purchase for party rental companies and event venues. The wood cruiser tables especially give a nice line when cloaked in a spandex linen and can be nicely accessorized with a sash cinched in the middle of the pole.

The drawback of this kind of cruiser table (versus the plastic folding cocktail table) is that there is more parts and more assembly required. Wood Cruiser tables consist of a round or square tabletop with a metal connector screwed in, a 28” or 40” pole, a base and cruiser table feet. For any company owning these tables, that’s a lot of pieces to keep track of. Especially a high-turnover rental company where inventory is going out the door all the time.

Introducing our new Cruiser Table Cart now in stock at our Mississauga Warehouse.

Cruiser Table Cart Full

Our Cruiser Table Cart fits 10-11 cruiser tables with connectors attached, 10-11 poles, and 10-11 bases in a dolly that is 53.25” l x 25” w x 78” h. Because of the size of the cart, going through a standard width door is not a problem making transportation a breeze. The cart can fit a variety of tabletop sizes so a party rental company is not limited to one specific size tabletop if a client wants 2 x 36” wood cruiser tables, 6 x 30” wood cruiser tables and 3 x 24” wood cruiser tables in one cart. Other cruiser table carts on the market come pre-assembled which can cause a higher shipping cost. Our Cruiser Table Cart will come knocked-down to save on shipping costs. To help avoid any frustrations, we will be publishing a blog post on how to assemble the cart in the very near future – so no guessing or Ikea assembly swearing is involved (we hope!). We’re really excited about this new inventory addition and hope it helps you all!

If you’re interested in receiving a quote including shipping for our new cruiser table cart:

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