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How to Determine a Good Quality Bistro Chair

When exhibiting at the Quebexpo in March we had the chance to experience a new way to test the quality of bistro chairs. From our previous post on how strong bistro chairs are, we know that they're pretty tough chairs – our strongest we've tested to date in fact. But just because they're capable of holding a lot of weight doesn’t necessarily mean the backs won't break if customers lean back on them (and let's be honest – a lot of people lean back on chairs). One of the Quebexpo attendees showed us a great way of telling if the chair backs on a bistro chair are strong yet flexible enough to deal with a customer’s weight and adjustments as they eat or attend an event. He asked if he could see one of our NES Reliable Bistro Chairs and proceeded to do what Jonathan does in the video:


We found out after from the attendee that in cases where the plastic is too brittle (i.e. doesn’t allow flexibility for the chair to move and bend with a customer) if you attempt to bend the chair back backwards it snaps clean in two – signalling a poor quality bistro chair that won’t hold up to the rigors of the rental world.

We hope this post helped you learn a little more about bistro chairs. If you’re interested in seeing our collection of event chairs and banquet tables, download our Tables & Chairs Catalogue.