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How to Assemble a Folding Pedestal Table

While I’d like to say our NES Folding Pedestal Table is really easy to assemble and disassemble – if you’ve never done it before it can take a few scratches of your head before you figure it out. I thought because it took me a couple fumbling embarrassing seconds to figure it out I would write a how to post to talk through how to assemble a folding pedestal table.

What an unassembled Folding Pedestal Table will look like in box

Folding Pedestal Table

Step 1:

Remove table top from on top of base and identify which two tabletop clips have sides and which two clips has one side missing

Folding Pedestal Tabletop Underneath

Step 2:

Identify which two pedestal legs do not move and remain stationary.

Moving Folding Pedestal Table Legs

Step 3:

Line the two clips with sides on top of the two pedestal legs that do not move.

Folding Pedestal Table-Step3

Step 4:

Press down on each side of the tabletop on top of each leg until each leg snaps into the clip.

Folding Pedestal Table Clipped In

Step 5:

Taking one of the legs that moves, slide the leg towards the clip with no sides and press the leg firmly into the clip.

Clipping 1 of 2 Folding Pedestal Table Leg

Step 6:

Take the last leg and slide the leg toward the clip with no sides, pressing the leg firmly into the clip.

Clipping 2 of 2 Folding Pedestal Table Leg

Voila. Your Folding Pedestal Table is now assembled!

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