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How to assemble a Banquet Chair Dolly

When you receive your NES banquet chair dolly you will notice that there is minor assembly required (though it is less involved than the previously provided instructions for the NES Folding Chair Cart that we previously provided assembly instructions for). Below is a full run down of the pieces you should receive in your package as well as assembly instructions and tools that are required.

Banquet Chair Dolly

What you should receive:

  • (2x) Pneumatic (airless) or solid wheels (depending on your purchase selection)
  • (1x) Axle
  • (2x) Washers
  • (2x) Cotter Pins
  • (1x) Hand Truck Frame

Tools Required (not included):

  • Pliers
  • Rubber Mallet

Step 1:

Check to make sure you have all of your parts. The axle is typically taped to the hand truck frame with the cotter pins and washers on it.

Banquet Chair Dolly Parts

Step 2:

Take 1 cotter pin out and take both washers off of axle.

Axle, Washers, and Cotter Pin

Step 3:

Put wheel on axle with the outside of the wheel against the cotter pin.

Wheel and Cotter Pin

Step 4:

Place one washer on axle after the wheel. *Note: not all carts will require both or any washers; the washers simply fill the extra space to prevent the wheels from traveling too much on the axle. The banquet chair cart will still work effectively without them.*

Wheel and Washer

Step 5:

Put axle on cart, hammer into place with a rubber mallet if required

Hammering Axle In Axle in Place

Step 6:

Place second washer onto axle. Again the washer may not be required.

Washer on Axle

Step 7:

Put second wheel onto the axle.

Second Wheel

Step 8:

Put cotter pin back into place, bend one end to hold in place. Second Wheel with Cotter Pin

Well done! Your cart is now complete! Enjoy the fruits of your labour by quickly and easily moving your banquet chairs.

Assembled Banquet Chair Cart

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