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How much do folding tables cost in Canada?

Rectangular Plastic Folding TableFolding tables are the key investment for event venues or party rental companies who stock event inventory for customers. One of the most common questions brought up when searching to buy folding tables is "How much do folding tables cost in Canada?" Because we want to make sure we’re answering any potential prospect’s questions, we’ve answered that question in the post below.

Not an uncommon commodity, you can find folding tables at just about any big box store these days. Note that in this blog post when we talk about folding tables, we aren’t referring to residential-use tables that you would buy at a big box store such as Canadian Tire or Walmart. The folding tables we’re referring to a highly durable wood folding table or plastic folding tables that have been used throughout the high turnover party rental industry and tested to withstand high load capacities. Compared against the residential-use folding tables, they will seem more expensive however, they are higher cost because they are higher quality and designed to withstand wear and tear year over year.

Types of Folding Tables

There are two different types of folding tables that make up the majority of the market: plastic folding tables and wood folding tables. Because these are the most common tables asked for, they will be our topic for this blog post.

Plastic Folding Table:

Plastic folding tables come in a variety of shapes including square, round, rectangular and serpentine. The cost of a plastic folding table varies dramatically in the Canadian market and ranges in price from $44.95 CDN – $185.00 CDN. The price tends to vary based on the size and shape of the plastic folding table and the load capacity of the table.

Wood Folding Table:

Wood folding tables come in a variety of shapes similar to plastic folding tables. The cost of a wood folding table varies dramatically in the Canadian market and ranges in price from $65.95 CDN – $199.00 CDN. The price tends to vary based on the kind of wood the plywood is made from, whether it’s solid plywood or plywood veneer over MDF, the size of the plywood banquet table (a 4ft folding table is generally less expensive than a 8ft folding table), the load capacity of the table and the finishing of table edges (metal/aluminum edges tend to cost more than vinyl edges).

Shipping costs on Folding Tables:

The shipping costs of these tables usually run $21.00 – $54.00 per table depending on the size / weight of the order (shipping costs tend to decrease dramatically per piece based on larger volume), where it is shipping from and where it is shipping to. The shipping costs vary solely on volume, weight and shipping location. Wood folding tables will have slightly more expensive shipping rates than plastic folding tables due to their weight. Nationally based suppliers to the hospitality industry will have multiple warehouses across the country to provide better shipping rates coast to coast. Also keep in mind that suppliers in the United States often may not have factored in the duties and customs fees associated with trans-border linen shipments – which tend to add an additional cost to each piece (above and beyond the exchange associated with the Canadian / United States Dollar).

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