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Do Spandex Folding Chair Covers fit Blow Mold Folding Chairs?

We had a customer ask us a very good question about whether our spandex folding chair cover fits a blow mold folding chair. We suspected we knew the answer but we weren’t positive so we immediately had to test this out to be able to give our customer a prompt response. I thought it made sense to blog about this question too so that any other prospects or customer’s interested in the answer could find it for themselves.

The Spandex Folding Chair covers fit perfectly on a chair that is 17.5”w x 15.25”d x 31”h as you can see by the picture below:

Spandex Folding Chair Cover on Plastic Folding Chair

The blow mold folding chair is 20.5"w x 18.75"d x 34"h as you can see by the picture below:

Blow Mold Folding Chair

Here’s what the spandex folding chair cover looks like on the blow mold folding chair:

Spandex Chair Cover on Blow Mold Folding Chair

The spandex folding chair cover fits a blow mold folding chair quite nicely. I’d recommend being gentle with it the first time you put it on as it does do some stretching to accommodate the chair. I’d also recommend that if you use it interchangeably on blow mold folding chairs or plastic folding chairs that you give it a wash before you use it on the plastic folding chair after use on a blow mold folding chair. It would look a little saggy if it goes from the blow mold folding chair (which is a larger chair) to a plastic folding chair. Alternatively you can purchase spandex folding chair covers that are only used on one chair style.

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