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Wood Chiavari Chairs: Pros and Cons

Wood Chiavari Chairs Pros and Cons

Chiavari Chairs are one of the most popular event chairs in the market. Because of that, they have also been duplicated and improved upon in different materials – such as aluminum and resin. In the past we’ve done a write up on the pros and cons of resin Chiavari chairs. This is to give a transparent view to customers so they understand the positives and negatives the chair has. This helps them figure out what best meets their business needs. Today’s blog post provides the positive and negative points regarding wood Chiavari chairs. Read on to see the differences:


  • The authentic Chiavari Chair – over 200 years old – has always been wood
  • Wood Chiavari Chair have a matte finish. Additionally, Wood Chiavari Chairs typically come in a wider range of colours which means it may not be possible for you to find a resin alternative. This is because wood chiavari’s can be stained for a more translucent finish.
  • Wood Chiavari chairs are easier to re-finish
  • Weigh less than a resin Chiavari chair
  • Less expensive chair than a resin Chiavari chair
  • Costs can be reduced further with knocked down unassembled wood Chiavari chairs


  • Wood Chiavari Chair shows a natural wood colour when it chips
  • Knocked down unassembled wood Chiavari chairs need their screws tightened often
  • Knocked down unassembled wood Chiavari chairs can be less sturdy / strong if proper care isn’t taken to ensure the screws and bolts are fastened.
  • Wood Chiavari Chairs often need their paint touched up after events
  • Can succumb to water damage if left outside for prolonged periods of time

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