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Cruiser Tables Back in Stock!

Cruiser Tables in Field

We have been out of stock on our cruiser tables and the cruiser table components including the cruiser table base, cruiser table connectors and cruiser table poles. The cruiser tables were a hot commodity for us during the winter and spring season and customers have been waiting patiently for stock replenishment.

I’m pleased to announce we received our container of cruiser tables into our warehouse! We are back in stock Guys and Gals!!

To refresh your knowledge, we have 24”, 30” and 36” round wood tabletops. We also have two different size poles – our low pole is 28” and provides a table that is 30” high when set up – perfect dining height! Our tall pole is 40” and provides a table that is 42” high when set up – perfect for standing cocktail receptions.

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