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Dennis Heathcote running for Associate Director of the CRA Ontario

Dennis Heathcote, President of National Event Supply, is currently running for the position of Associate Director of the Canadian Rental Association-Ontario.

Dennis has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience in small- and medium-size technology companies. In 2005, Heathcote and his partner, Diana McKee, purchased D & K Imports to deliver quality products to the rental market across Canada. As an associate member of the Canadian Rental Association and ARA, D & K Imports has exhibited at The Rental Show, the CRA Ontario Trade Show, the Prairie Show and the Quebec Expo. He recently launched a new division, National Event Supply. Dennis is running to give back to the rental industry. “Membership offers so much value to both rental business operators and manufacturers and suppliers,” he says. “As associate director, I would like to share the value of membership, help the CRA Ontario grow and find new ways to serve its members.”

"As 2011 progresses, we are seeing increased strength and optimism in the rental sector. It is my hope to parlay this strength in the sector to increase the breadth of products that we offer as a service to our customers as well as enhance our current offerings." Dennis hopes for your support at the April 20, 2011 meeting and looks forward to serving the Canadian Rental Industry in the future.