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A Look Inside the Covert Profession of Restaurant Critics

Critiquing FoodRestaurant critiquing can be thought of as a profession of duality: the dream profession for everyday diners in love with food and a profession that incites anxiety, boasting, tears of joy and tears of happiness for restaurateurs. Part of being a notable restaurant critic means remaining anonymous to ensure their readers get the same dining experience. With so much cloak-and-dagger antics, the world of restaurant critics is riddled with more questions than answers. What is ideal service? How does a restaurant critic choose the restaurants to review? How does one go about assigning stars or ratings to the restaurant? It’s enough to make any restaurateur overwhelmed.

New York Times released a fascinating video series interviewing 5 of their past and present restaurant critics to get a behind the scenes look at what goes into creating a review, what a restaurant can expect when being reviewed and the tactics used to produce said review.

Check out the full video series here.

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