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10 Ways Restaurants are Using Social Media

I hate to break it to you – but social media is alive and thriving – and won’t be going away. Here at National Event Supply, we use social media to share industry articles of interest to our followers, announce new products such as our new line of linens, and connect with our followers to understand more about them and their businesses.

With shifting demographics happening across the country, restaurants are being forced to re-look at their business and marketing strategy. Canadian Foodservice & Hospitality Magazine noted in their 2013 Hospitality report that “while baby boomers represent a significant portion of restaurant sales at 26 per cent, millennials, in fact, represent 28 per cent of all restaurant meals consumed, NPD [Group]’s [Robert] Carter says. ‘A lot more operators are targeting that [group], because it’s the largest cohort next to boomers.’” With social media playing right into the wheelhouse of those millennials, as a restaurant, including your establishment on strategic social media platforms that consumers are using right now – ensures that you’re putting your best foot forward and getting found where consumers are looking for you.

We found an infographic on by that summarizes 10 ways restaurants are using social media. The helpful infographic indicates which tactic is being used on which social media platform. Check it out below!

10 Ways Restaurants are using Social Media
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