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5 Questions Answered About Our New Line of Linens

National Event Supply recently made the decision to invest in a new line of linens. With the expansion of our table lines in both wood folding tables and plastic folding tables, it became the logical next step for us – and Customers were already asking. Because of this, in order to meet the customer need, we will be stocking two new lines of linens in the New Year. Check out below for more information regarding our new Linen inventory and feel free to ask additional questions in the comments!

What styles will be sold?

We are currently bringing in rectangular polyester table covers, polyester table skirts, polyester napkins, round polyester table covers, rectangular spandex table covers, and cocktail spandex table covers.

All of our polyester table cloths, including the 132" Rounds, are seamless, durable, stain and wrinkle resistant. They're made with 100% polyester and feature 180 GSM (grams per square meter) fabric.

The spandex linens, offer a modern, contemporary aesthetic for any event. Each cover is 100% wrinkle resistant and designed with leg boots to ensure table covers are protected from damage and dirt.

These table covers are available at competitive wholesale prices and ideal for party rental companies, hotels, banquet halls, weddings, and any other venue where you need table linens.

What sizes will be sold?

The following are the sizes we will initially be offering:

Sizes for Rectangular Polyester Table Cloths:

  • 60" x 102" rectangular polyester table cloth
  • 60" x 126" rectangular polyester table cloth
  • 90" x 132" rectangular polyester table cloth
  • 90" x 156" rectangular polyester table cloth

Sizes for Polyester Table Skirts:

  • 17' polyester table skirt
  • 21' polyester table skirt

Sizes for Polyester Napkin:

  • 20" polyester napkin

Sizes for Round Polyester Table Cloths

  • 90” round polyester table cloth
  • 108” round polyester table cloth
  • 120” round polyester table cloth
  • 132” round polyester table cloth

Sizes for Cocktail Spandex Table Cloths:

Sizes for Rectangular Spandex Table Cloths:

  • 6ft rectangular spandex table cloth
  • 8ft rectangular spandex table cloth

What colours will be sold?

Polyester table cloths in both round and rectangular shapes will come in white, black and ivory. Polyester table skirts will be available in white, black and royal blue, while the polyester napkins will be available in white and black.

The rectangular spandex table cloths will be available in white, black and ivory, while the cocktail spandex table cloths will be available in White, Black, Ivory, Orange, Burgundy, Champagne, Royal Blue, and Red.

How do you properly wash the linens?

Our Polyester linens can be washed as follows:

Our polyester linen material needs to be washed in cold water with normal laundry detergents. Stain remover is OK if necessary, bleach is also OK for whites. Dry on a low heat setting. Only dry 1-2 tablecloths at a time due to the weight of the product. Pull from the heat right away. If you use them immediately, there may be a few wrinkles that you might want to iron or steam out. If you fold them for later use, you’ll want to iron or steam out the creases from folding before use.

Our Spandex linens can be washed as follows:

Machine washable with warm water. Tumble dry with low heat setting and remove from dryer as soon as cycle is done. Ironing not required. Do not use chlorine bleach on any fabric containing spandex. Exposure to chlorine can lead to discoloration, stretch and eventual breakage of the spandex fibers.

When will they be in stock?

All linens will be in stock by the end of January – plenty of time before the busy season starts. We will be bringing these new products with us to the number of trade shows we’re attending including the CRA BC Regional Show Jan 10 – 11, 2014, and The ARA Rental Show February 9 – 12, 2014.

If you’re interested in checking out some of the tables our new line of linens will fit on, download the National Event Supply Tables & Chairs Catalogue. If you're interested in buying wedding linens direct, our linens are now in stock and available for purchase here.