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The Best Restaurant Industry Articles from the Past Month

It’s been a busy summer with a chance to regroup before the holidays start to dominate our lives. Because part of my job entails finding relevant industry articles to share with customers that are interesting and helpful to their jobs and restaurants. I thought it made sense to share some of the best articles I found in the past month pertaining to the restaurant industry. Check them out below!

The Four Types of Cooks Explained

Paul Sorgule, a chef and educator with years of experience working in professional kitchens breaks down the different types of cooks he has encountered during his years of working in the restaurant industry. The four categories he breaks cooks down into are interesting and divisive. Do you agree with his categories? Have you encountered more? Check out the full article here.

Instagram: 12 Food and Drink Trends of Summer 2016 

Instagram very quickly and easily showcases the hottest trends by allowing users to use hashtags to visually see the hit food and drink trends. Fine Dining Lovers rounded up the 12 trends of summer 2016 in a stunning blog post. Check out the full article here.

Why Restaurants are Saying No to Customers

The old customer service adage beat into a hospitality employee is “the customer is always right”. Restaurants have always attempted to go above and beyond for customers. But more and more independent operators are finding that it is actually more profitable and more productive to say No. Read on to hear how saying no in the right context pays off.

Equipment Trends Report

Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine showcases the current trends in foodservice equipment as restaurant operators look for appliances that take up smaller footprints, can multi-task or help optimize staffing or menu offerings. Check out the article to see the considerations going into equipment investments as well as other current trends in the market.

Desserts that are Geometric Masterpieces

Ukrainian chef, Dinara Kasko applies her background in architectural design to create desserts with the lines and composition generally seen on large sculptures or the Michael Lee Chin Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum. The results are true masterpieces that look almost too good to eat…almost. Check out the round up of gorgeous photos here.

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