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5 Signs You Should Invest in Chiavari Chairs

5 Signs to Invest in Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Chairs are a special event favourite. If you’re in the wedding industry they can be especially important with brides demanding Chiavari chairs more and more for their weddings. But not every party rental company and event venue has the need to buy Chiavari chairs. Some event venues attract primarily corporate meetings and events. Some party rental companies only rent out for tradeshows, corporate clients or their market doesn’t support a Chiavari chair (i.e. their customers don’t have the money for a higher price rental). Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t always pay to buy Chiavari chairs. If you’re wondering whether you should invest in Chiavari chairs, check out this post to learn 5 signs that suggest it might be time to invest in Chiavari chairs.

1. You're losing out on business

If potential customers are coming to your event venue or rental organization and you’re losing business to competitors with Chiavari chairs, it may be time to invest in Chiavari chairs.

2. Brides are specifically asking for them

If your customer base is already asking for Chiavari’s you know that the demand is there - which is half the battle in bringing a new product in.

3. You’ve cross rented or rented Chiavari chairs more than 10 times

If you’re cross-rented or rented Chiavari chairs more than 10 times, you would already have recouped your initial investment in Chiavari chairs – so it makes monetary sense to invest in the chairs to avoid paying more money in rentals.

4. You’re looking to expand your business

Chiavari chairs becomes another piece of inventory you can use to drive more business. If you’re an event venue, having Chiavari chairs is never a bad thing towards increasing your wedding season bookings.

5. You can’t figure out how to increase your average total invoice

Having more products to offer often ends up translating to an increase in average total invoices. Most people are happy to do more business with companies they’re both familiar with and trust. Having Chiavari chairs in your rental inventory means more business not only for customers taking Chiavari chairs but also for customers taking Chiavari chairs plus your other inventory.

If you’re interested in a quote including shipping for any of our resin Chiavari chair colours (Gold, Silver, Black, Mahogany, White, Crystal):


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