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Review: Cocktail Tables vs. Cruiser Tables

With any company dealing in the event industry – whether it be catering, banquet halls, golf courses, restaurants wanting highboy bar tables, hotels with meeting space or party rental companies – when you buy cocktail tables for standing receptions you want to ensure you’re picking the right table for your company. You want to be able to meet your guests’ reception needs while ensuring your inventory / material costs for the tables don’t affect your bottom line. Add in any breakage or future wear and tear, potential stacking or transporting issues and it can be a bit overwhelming.

This article presents an easy to view list of the pros and cons of cocktail tables vs. cruiser tables.

Cocktail TablesCocktail Tables:


  • Plastic table tops in round shape only
  • Cocktail table tops available in 31.5" or 32"
  • Tops are 1 1/4" (folding pedestal table) or 1 3/4" thick (folding cocktail table)
  • Cocktail tables available in 30" height (table height) or 43" height (bar height)
  • The folding cocktail table has no assembly required & the folding pedestal table ships top off, with minimal assembly (no tools required)
  • No parts available for purchase – requiring new table to be purchased
  • Table feet do not allow leveling on uneven ground
  • Minimal set up time if labour time is a priority to your business
  • To buy cocktail tables, average cost ranges between $59.95 - $89.95 CDN (shipping & taxes extra)


Cruiser TablesCruiser Tables:

  • Wood table tops in either square or round shapes
  • Square & Round tops available in 24", 30", 36"
  • Tops are 3/4" thick
  • Cruiser tables available in 30" height (table height) or 42.5" height (bar height)
  • Assembly required as all parts of a cruiser table are sold separately (screwdriver required)
  • Because pieces are sold separately, new parts can be purchased if lost or damaged
  • Screw-on feet allowing leveling of table on uneven ground
  • More time required for set up due to separate parts and leveling
  • To buy cruiser tables, average cost ranges between $64.95 – $79.95 CDN (all parts included – shipping & taxes extra)

We can’t honestly say that cruiser tables are better than cocktail tables or vice versa. We wouldn’t sell both if one was a more superior a product. We like to lay out the pros and cons of similar products and let our customers or potential customers decide what makes sense for their business needs. Hopefully this blog post gives you food for thought in determining the best tables for your standing receptions.

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