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Rectangular Platters, Serenity Wine Glasses, and Some Delicious Ribs

A Canada Day Long Weekend, like an Independence Day Long Weekend, is a great time to kick back and relax with friends and family. While the weather forecasters were calling for rain here in Toronto, we managed to have a fantastic sunny and warm weekend.

With an extra day tacked onto the weekend, I managed to find some free time to make some ribs which is unfortunately an all too infrequent event. Since I had most of the day to kill, I decided to do things the right way, low and slow. I cooked them for 6 hours on the BBQ at about 200F with mostly indirect heat. Nothing too fancy, just some Chicken and Rib BBQ Sauce applied a few times, starting at about 2 hours to go.

Ribs with 2 Hours to Go Finished Ribs with Red Wine
Ribs with 2 Hours to Go Finished Ribs with Red Wine

The result was fantastic (if I do say so myself!). I plated the two racks of ribs on our A0958 – 9x14 Rectangular Platter, as you can see they fit perfectly, then served with red wine (in our 19oz Serenity Crystal Wine Glass).

Spending some time around the BBQ made for a great relaxing day and the perfect end to a long weekend!I hope you had a great Canada and for our American friends, I hope you have a great Independence Day.

If you'd like some information about the platter or wine glasses mentioned, or if you'd like to tell us why your ribs are superior, drop us a line!