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Quick Tip for Rental Companies & Caterers to Protect Their Porcelain Plates

Quick IdeasMost obviously the biggest problem that exists for rental companies & catering companies when stocking inventory of porcelain plates is the issue of transporting them safely to your customers. While storage systems do exist to contain plates in easy to transport boxes such as plastic milk crates how do you ensure you’re minimizing the amount of scratching that can happen when the firing ring of the plate is continually rubbing against the porcelain plate below it?

I found this tip from – an awesome website for tips and articles on just about everything. While originally this article was written for consumers who were moving, this tip applies to companies who have to move porcelain dishes as well!

How Rental Companies Can Protect Porcelain Plates with Coffee Filters

Step 1:

Buy Commercial Sized Coffee Filters from your neighbourhood drug store, big box store or grocery store.

Commercial Coffee Filters

Step 2:

When placing porcelain plates into plastic milk crates or boxes for transport, alternate placing a porcelain plate then the coffee filter until you’ve reached the top of the box.

Plates Separated by Filters

Photo credit:

And there you have it! An inexpensive way to ensure your precious (and breakable) inventory scratch-free. If you’re worried about customers returning dishes without coffee filters, add it as a mandatory requirement in order to accept the return and charge a maintenance fee if this doesn’t happen.

Do you have any hacks or tips that you use to help your business? Let us know in the comments!

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