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Podcast: How to Focus on Catering to Transform Your Restaurant

I’m always looking for different kinds of content to share that enrich our prospects and customers’ lives because while one person may enjoy reading an article, another may prefer slides, or a video or a podcast.

This week I stumbled across a podcast I think is a gem for anyone in the restaurant industry looking for additional ways to build revenue. Mark Deo, Veteran CBS Radio Host interviewed a man by the name of Erle Dardick, author of the books "Get Catering and Grow Sales!" and "501 Killer Marketing Tactics for Cranking Up Your Catering Sales". Erle joins Mark’s podcast entitled "The Small Business Hour, as heard on CBS Radio" to discuss how focusing on catering helped transform his restaurant. He gives great lessons on finding a niche market you can dominate and tips on narrowing your focus and dominating a market. To hear more of Erle’s tips, jump to 14:00 below.