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Now Available: Folding Table Carts in Vancouver

Vancouver Skyline and Stanley ParkWhen we started planning for our expansion in Vancouver, we thought we'd start small. We'd start by stocking plastic folding tables in Vancouver, and then we'd stock wood folding tables in Vancouver, and then we'd stock plastic folding chairs in Vancouver. It didn't take us long to realize that we also needed to stock white resin folding chairs in Vancouver. So that's what we did. We stocked our NES Reliable Plastic Folding Chairs, Plastic Folding Tables, White Resin Folding Chairs, and Wood Folding Tables in our Vancouver warehouse at the beginning of August.

Since then, things have been going very well. We're getting new customers who are happy with the quick shipping turn-around and improving shipping times for existing customers that had been buying from our Toronto warehouse. As to be expected with any new endeavour, there were a few growing pains, but we have them all ironed out now, and we're ready to meet your table and chair needs for the rest of the year and heading into next spring.

We have since added two additional products to the mix in Vancouver. In the past month, we had several calls about table carts, and their availability in Vancouver. We're happy to announce that we now have round folding table carts and rectangular tables carts now available in our Vancouver warehouse.

NES Round Table Carts are 32.5 inches wide and are able to get through most standard-sized doors. They are light grey in colour and have a storage area that is 30 inches wide and will hold 10-14, 48 inch, 60 inch, or 72 inch round plywood or plastic folding tables. The NES Round Folding Table Cart features 4 swiveling wheels allowing for easier manoeuvering when the cart is full or empty.

NES Rectangular Table Cart NES Round Table Cart
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NES Rectangular Table Carts are also 32.5 inches wide and are also able to get through most standard-sized doors. Depending on the size of folding table you are moving, the NES Rectangular Table Cart can be 76 inches or 100.25 inches long. The storage area of the table cart will hold 12 to 18, 72 inch, or 96 inch rectangular wood or plastic folding tables. In addition, the NES Rectangular Folding Table Cart also features 4 swiveling wheels.


Our table carts have been a strong seller from our Toronto warehouse and we have no doubts that they will sell briskly from our Vancouver warehouse. If you have any questions about our NES Round Table Carts, our NES Rectangular Table Carts, or any of our wood or plastic folding tables, please feel free to ask us any questions that you may have.

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