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Not All Resin Chiavari Chairs are Alike

NES Resin Chiavari ChairsYou may or may not be aware that the term Resin Chiavari Chair does not always necessarily mean the same product from one supplier to another. When looking at resin chiavari chairs for sale, there are 4 separate kinds of chiavari chairs that fall under the product name Resin Chiavari Chair (at least that we are currently aware of).

Knocked Down Resin Chiavari Chair:

The first type of resin chiavari chair is a knocked down resin chiavari chair. This type of resin chiavari chair is shipped unassembled, in a flat format – requiring assembly once delivered. Pros of this type of chair typically includes a lower shipping cost associated with the product due to it being knocked down. Cons of this product include a lot of manual labour required to put all those chairs together, especially if your organization requires a large number for an event. Also, you will never get the screws as tight as a factory assembled resin chiavari chair and will need to continually be aware of how loose or tight the screws are.

Resin Chiavari Chair Without Steel Support Frame:

The second type of resin chiavari chair is a resin chiavari chair without steel support frame inside the chair. Pros of this chair include its lower cost than resin chiavari’s with steel frames, a lighter chair due to the lack of steel structure and a tighter screw due to the factory assembly process. Cons of this product includes lack of durability especially surrounding the chair back or legs. It isn’t uncommon for guests to tip chairs back when listening to speeches and a lack of a steel frame makes the chair much more susceptible to breakage.

Resin Chiavari Chair With Steel Support Frame:

The third type of resin chiavari chair is a resin chiavari chair with steel support frame. These chairs have a welded steel frame at their core and the resin molded around the frame.

Chiavari Chair Cut in Half

Pros include a sturdy, more durable chair often capable of holding over 1000lbs while looking identical to the popular wood chiavari chair. Cons include a more expensive chair due to the steel core addition and a heavier chair. It is nearly impossible to determine a resin chiavari chair with vs. without a steel support frame so a supplier should be able to prove this to you by showing you a cross section of their resin chiavari chair or shipping you a sample for inspection (for a small cost of course).

Single Mold Resin Chiavari Chair:

The fourth type of resin chiavari chair is a single mold resin chiavari chair. This chair has no joints to it as it is manufactured as a single piece. Pros of the single mold resin Chiavari chair include its cost (it is the cheapest of the four types of resin chiavari chairs) and it’s lightweight. Cons of the chair include the fact the single mold doesn’t allow for a fully circular leg and horizontal rails which discerning brides won’t like as much as it doesn’t look like a “true” chiavari chair.

Single Mold vs Resin Chiavari

Also, depending on the manufacturer/supplier you will need to be careful on the type of chair seat as they could come with a flat seat which has a dramatically different look than the traditional chiavari chair seat.

Seat of Single Mold vs Resin Chiavari

On top of all the different kinds of resin chiavari chairs - there is now another variable that needs to be asked. Is the resin underneath the top coat of colour similar to the colour of the top coat - or white? Resin chiavari chairs with white cores (whether they also have steel support frames or not) can lower the cost of the chair because white resin is the cheapest resin to produce. That being said, white resin cores will show scratches and chips much more than resin chiavari chairs with a similar colour core as the top coat. 

Here at National Event Supply we stock resin chiavari chairs with steel support frames and similar colour resin cores. This means a gold or silver resin chiavari chair you buy from us will show less wear and tear because of the similar colour core. We stock the resin chiavari chairs we stock because we consider them to be among the best Chiavari chairs available for commercial use in the market. They are also the most durable, quality resin chiavari chairs available on the market.

To learn more about our resin chiavari chairs and our folding tables that go along with them, download our Folding Tables & Event Chairs Catalogue or contact us for a custom quote.