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How to use a Cocktail Plate

One of the biggest struggles when attending a cocktail reception is the awkwardness of juggling a wine glass and plate of appetizers. It pretty much means foregoing either the wine or the appetizers or the entire attendee pool clusters around the food stations and cruiser tables so they have places to set their plates or glasses. What if you could offer your customers a solution to this problem?

Cocktail PlateEnter the Cocktail Plate.

This nifty plate allows for guests to hold their crystal wine glass and appetizer plate in one hand enabling them to freely use the other hand to shake hands of newly acquainted guests or use gestures to properly illustrate their story.

One of the questions we get asked most is "How do you use a cocktail plate?"

The answer lies ahead.

Imagine you’ve just arrived at a party and after some preliminary circling have headed for the bar to imbibe in a fabulous Chardonnay.

Step 1: Pick up fabulous Chardonnay

Stemmed Wine Glass

In order to make sure you behave professionally and alcohol doesn’t cloud your judgement, you’re going to want to have something to eat. So you head to the food stations to pick up some food.

Step 2: Pick up appetizers

Cocktail Plate with Appetizers

By now you have two hands full and none available to network with. Here’s where the cocktail plate really shines.

Step 3: Place stem of wine glass in ‘c’ indent of cocktail plate and let wine glass rest on plate

Using a Cocktail Plate

Voila! One hand free to shake hands with everyone in the room!

A note of caution: This cocktail plate really shines when you’re mixing and mingling standing up – just be careful that you remove your wine glass BEFORE placing your plate down on a table. If you forget this, you’ll have a glass of wine all over yourself, the table or both.

Cocktail Plate Wine Glass Falling Over

Your customers will love being able to rent a plate like this that helps solve a common networking problem.

If you’re interested in receiving a custom quote for these cocktail plates including shipping to your location: