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How to Stack Heavy Duty Folding Chairs on the Blow-Mold Folding Chair Cart

One of our customers called in last week asking us how to stack their heavy duty plastic chairs on their cart. Unlike most NES Reliable Folding Chairs, the NES Reliable Blow-Mold Folding Chair does not stack securely on its corresponding cart if the chairs are all placed in the same direction. If they are placed in the same direction the stack beings to lean and can become unstable for transport. As a result our customer was having difficulty stacking the chairs so that they remained stable while still utilizing the full height of the cart. To remedy the situation a small change can be made to the stacking procedure to ensure the chairs are secure for transport around your facility while still maximizing the capacity of the cart. In this case the capacity is 28 NES Reliable Blow-Mold Folding Chairs.

Take a look at our pictures below to find out how to stack the NES Reliable Blow-Mold Folding Chair on the Blow-Mold Folding Chair Cart.

Step 1

Place one folded chair on the cart with the back of the seat back facing up and the leading edge of the chair seat against the cart. The following three chairs (for a total of 4) will be placed in the same direction, firmly against the vertical support bars.

1 Chair on Cart

Step 2

Place one chair with the front of the chair back facing up. The bottom of the seat back should be pushed into the tail end of the seat to create a nesting effect. Like above, three additional chairs should be placed in the same direction (for a total of 4).

5 Chairs on Stack

Step 3

Repeat this pattern of 4 chairs to create a compact and stable stack of chairs. This cart will hold 28 chairs.

28 Chairs on Cart

For a look at the NES Reliable Blow-Mold Folding Chair's specifications and the other chairs offered, download the National Event Supply Tables & Chairs Catalogue.