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How to Buy Durable Restaurant Dishes

Ovali Dessert PlateNext to the kitchen equipment required to produce the restaurant's menu items, it can be argued that dinnerware is the most important purchase a restaurant will make for its business success. Commercial dinnerware lends itself to the ambiance of the restaurant itself and can be utilized to enhance the presentation of the menu with creative use of intricately shaped dishes. Because dishes are such a pinnacle item for a restaurant there are a number of variables you should keep in mind when stocking your restaurant:


Buying dishes from restaurant suppliers can be notoriously expensive. Commercial dishes tend to be higher in cost than personal dishware as you’re looking for a higher durability dish. If you're looking for alternatives, try finding wholesalers who specialize in commercial-grade dinnerware. Factory-direct wholesalers who target the party rental and hospitality industry tend to have dishes that will be as suitable for a restaurant's needs as restaurant supply stores. They can also offer cheaper pricing than restaurant suppliers, especially for restaurants with multiple locations and high volumes.


Because the turnover in your establishment is pivotal to the success of your restaurant, it is vital that the dinnerware you buy be durable, commercial quality that lasts through many breakfast/lunch/dinner sittings. Take into account whether the dishes are commercial dishwasher safe, can withstand oven temperatures of up to 400 degrees, and can be turned over time and again while still looking like new. A lot of the leading brand names offer chip warranties but chip warranties do not cover breakage and are often quite restrictive in how you can make any kind of warranty claim. Make sure if the supplier offers a chip warranty, that you know all restrictions and conditions attached.


Dinnerware should lend itself to the theme of your restaurant. Most restaurants tend to stick with traditional white dinnerware to allow the chefs free reign to dress the plate however they see fit. Traditional white dinnerware is also the most prevalent and readily available of the styles as many of the more ornate or coloured dishes tend to be for personal consumption.

Variety of place settings:

Look for a dishware supplier that has many different place settings, platters, bowls and other serve ware available such as risotto bowls, trio bowls, slanted bowls, etc. This allows you to have a cohesive line of dinnerware to focus your guests’ attention on your pièce de résistance, your food.

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