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Do Spandex Banquet Chair Covers Fit Bistro Chairs?

While I would love to have a spandex chair cover that is a one size fits all solution, the fact of the matter is it isn’t a one size fits all solution. Spandex folding chair covers don’t fit banquet chairs and spandex banquet chair covers don’t fit folding chairs. This is because the chairs themselves don’t have a similar shape and the spandex can only stretch so far.

But what about Bistro Chairs? They have a very similar shape to teardrop backed banquet chairs – so it only makes sense we’d be getting questions regarding the spandex banquet chair cover’s versatility. I thought I’d test it out so not only could blog readers could see, but we’d have a reference point to answer potential customers’ questions.

Below is what a spandex banquet chair cover looks like on a banquet chair:

 Banquet Chair Cover on Banquet Chair

Here is what a spandex banquet chair cover looks like on a bistro chair:

Banquet Chair Cover on Bistro Chair

They definitely do not fit perfectly. The back is where the fit is most apparent. The fabric is too loose and gapes while in the front it fits relatively well but the seat is too large. Most discerning brides wouldn’t be happy with this look but if you need to figure out something in a pinch, the chair covers would fit.

If you’re interested in a quote for our spandex banquet chair covers:


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