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Average cost of harvest tables in Canada

Harvest tables have been gaining steam throughout the past year and into 2016. Weddings are popping up all over the place with industrial rustic, romantic rustic, rustic elegant, rustic vintage, and so on. Basically any wedding theme you can think of went on a date with the rustic theme for the past year’s weddings. At the centre of those weddings was almost always the solid wood harvest table.

Harvest Tables

Let’s all take a minute to drool over this table. It is gorgeous in all its solid woody, walnutty goodness. It is a perfect table for serving family-style dinners or having lots of room for centerpiece action. Generally holds 8 people comfortably and doesn’t require linens (another bonus). Naturally rental companies and event venues are getting asked a lot whether they have harvest tables in inventory. And then rental companies are wondering what the average cost of harvest tables in Canada is.

Here’s what you can expect:

The average cost of solid wood harvest tables in Canada ranges from $499 - $1500.00.

Why the huge range?

The range is a combination of things – we’ve heard a lot of rental companies couldn’t find harvest tables and built their own – which actually costed towards the higher end of the range when all was said and done. Another reason for the range is retail vs. wholesale pricing. Pricing of wholesale harvest tables will be cheaper than buying in a home décor store. The third reason for the range will be the type of wood used.

If you’re interested in a quote for our wood harvest tables with removable legs:

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