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Where to Buy Restaurant Menu Covers in Canada

Restaurant menu covers are a great way to convey the aesthetic your restaurant is outfitted in. It can also make a surprising difference to a customer if you don’t have a menu cover that is thought to be at the same level of service you are striving to achieve. For example, if I were to go to a fine dining restaurant and was handed a piece of regular weight paper with the menu printed on it instead of a leather hard cover menu – it would probably feel “off” to me aesthetically and reflect on my overall view of the restaurant. Because of this, it is an important piece to make a careful and thoughtful decision about from a number of different suppliers.

Whether you’re looking to replace your menu covers or are opening a new restaurant and want to check out your options knowing your options will help ensure you make the best menu cover choice for your restaurant. Here are a number of suppliers and manufacturers to buy restaurant menu covers from in Canada.

  1. Divine Menu Covers Ltd – Based in Etobicoke, ON, Divine Menu Covers manufacture custom made, hand crafted superior quality menu covers, check presenters, ring binders, LED menus, clipboards, ipad & tablet covers, table tents & stands and guest directories. They make to order and do not have any stock of menu covers.
  2. Kronos Menu Covers – Based in Mont-Royal, Quebec, Kronos has been manufacturing menu covers for 50 years. They are not only able to manufacture menu covers but also offer full colour digital printing for menus. They pride themselves in producing and shipping out jobs in record time.
  3. Menu by Design – Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Menu by Design has been manufacturing hand crafted durable, stain and water resistant menu covers to the hospitality industry for 36 years. They offer custom restaurant menu covers, check / bill presenters, wine list covers, clipboards, ring binders and a number of in-stock products for fast ordering.

National Event Supply doesn’t stock restaurant menu covers but we do sell complimentary products such as restaurant dinnerware, flatware, glass and crystal stemware, and tablecloths to the restaurant industry. If you’re interested in viewing our products and pricing, visit our online store here.

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