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Wedding Colour Trends from the Present and Past 15 Years (Infographic)

Wedding colour trends are at the forefront of every mind related to the wedding industry. The foremost colour authorities choose the colour of the year, high fashion and home décor helps to set the trends and it bleeds into the wedding industry. What’s interesting to see is that everyone’s always interested in the trendiest colour of the season and not what’s been trendy across many different years and thus has staying power. A study like this is particularly important to vendors selling to the wedding industry such as party rental companies as it helps determine the colour choices they should be making investments in that will get them the biggest return on their investment and even better, the most rental turns possible.

I found this infographic that visually showcases the wedding colour trends over the past 15 years. It’s an illuminating graphic that also brings to light the fact that colour choices for brides are exploding now. There’s more colours to choose from than ever before. Check it out below:

Wedding Colour Trends


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2017-07-17 9:44 PM