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Silver Resin Chiavari Chairs vs. Silver Wood Chiavari Chairs

Silver Chairs at an Event

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For years now, Gold Chiavari Chairs and Silver Chiavari Chairs have been trading off which is the more popular colour of the season. Gold Chiavari chairs are currently trending but that doesn’t mean that silver Chiavari chairs aren’t hot. They’re still a close second in terms of popularity – and definitely wanted by brides who favour a cooler colour palette. There are two different materials – wood Chiavari chairs versus resin Chiavari chairs. Both have their pluses and minuses. This post will give businesses who haven’t purchased Silver Chiavari Chairs yet, the chance to review the pros and cons of each material so you can decide which chair best meets their needs.

Silver Resin Chiavari Chairs


  • 4mm thick resin and 1mm thick hollow steel frame support (ours has a steel frame to provide additional support and durability – not all Silver Chiavari Chairs in the market have steel frames though)
  • Seams are virtually invisible
  • Resin at the core is a similar colour to the silver coating colour and because of that does not show scratches as easily as wood or aluminum (i.e. silver high gloss finish when scratched would show a silver/grey toned core)
  • Solid resin seat allowing for easy change out of cushions
  • 2 horizontal chair rails similar to the traditional Chiavari chair look
  • Resin Chiavari chairs can hold over 1000lbs making them an extremely strong chair
  • Resin less likely to succumb to water damage if accidently left out to the elements


  • Generally more expensive than a wood or aluminum Chiavari chair – but also tend to last longer
  • Cannot be re-painted or re-stained as easily as a wood Chiavari
  • Chairs weigh 13lbs each – tend to weigh more than wood or aluminum – especially if there’s a steel core frame
  • Not all resin Chiavari chairs are the same chair – which leads to confusion in the marketplace (for example, there are single mold chiavari chairs that have squared off horizontal rails, knocked down resin chiavari chairs that have to be assembled and screws constantly retightened, etc.)

Silver Wood Chiavari Chairs


  • The authentic Chiavari Chair – over 200 years old – has always been wood
  • Silver Wood Chiavari Chairs have a matte finish which some companies really like
  • Wood Chiavari chairs are easier to re-finish. We know of party rental businesses that have invested in a sandblasting / painting booth so they can change the colour of their wood chiavari’s depending on the popularity of the season
  • Weigh less than a resin Chiavari chair
  • Less expensive chair than a resin Chiavari chair
  • Costs can be reduced further with knocked down unassembled wood Chiavari chairs


  • Silver Wood Chiavari Chair shows a natural wood colour when it chips or scratches
  • Knocked down unassembled silver wood Chiavari chairs need their screws tightened often
  • Knocked down unassembled silver wood Chiavari chairs can be less sturdy / strong if proper care isn’t taken to ensure the screws and bolts are fastened.
  • Wood Chiavari Chairs often need their paint touched up after events
  • Can succumb to water damage if left outside for prolonged periods of time

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