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Products in Action... Big Red Chair Events

When you talk to our sales reps they can tell you how many people can sit around a 60-inch round table (8-10), the size of our square dinner plates (10.25"), and how much weight our plastic folding chairs can hold (225lbs). What they can't fully describe to you is how great the wedding style resin folding chairs look when set up for an event, or how elegant our resin Chiavari chairs look set-up around a well-dressed table. To see our products in action, we've turned to several of our customers and asked for pictures they've taken at recent events. Over the next few months, we'll be spotlighting some of these companies and our products at their events.

10000 sq ft Tent for Big Red Chair Events

This week we've got a couple of pictures from a 10,000sq ft tent installation from Dion Malden at Big Red Chair Events in Vancouver, BC. As you can see from the first picture, the tent was rather large. In the second picture, you can see our White NES Resin Chiavari Chairs set up in front of a stage. The Silver Chiavari Chairs are topped by our White Fabric Chiavari Chair Cushions. In the back, you can see our NES Reliable Wedding-Style Resin Folding Chairs.

Silver Chiavari Chairs at Big Red Chair Events

If you'd like to be featured on our blog, please send us an email including photographs utilizing our products!