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New Melamine Serving Trays now in Stock

For those unfamiliar with melamine, this type of material is perfect for banquet halls, hotels, caterers and restaurants looking to serve family style or food buffet service. Because porcelain breakage or chipping can become such a costly problem, melamine can be the perfect solution to this issue. One of the issues that causes the hospitality market often turns their nose up on melamine serving trays is the fact it often looks too plastic. We’ve solved that problem by meticulously picking our melamine supplier who manufactures melamine serving trays that are almost identical in look to porcelain.

To date, we’ve stocked melamine serveware in larger sizes such the 20” square melamine platter. Now available, and new to our inventory is 3 new melamine pieces.

21” x 6” Rectangular Melamine Platter

21inch x 6inch Melamine Platter

Sku: M0970 Weight: 2.94lbs

13” x 8” Rectangular Platter

13 inch x 8 inch Melamine Platter

Sku: M0965 Weight: 1.80lbs

2.6" Melamine Dipping Bowl

2.6 Inch DIpping Bowl

Sku: M1125 Weight: .1lbs

All these pieces are durable and break resistant, commercial dishwasher safe and lightweight.

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