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Long Term Plastic Folding Table and Wood Folding Table Outdoor Durability Test-Day 14

Day 14—June 22, 2013

It has been two weeks since we began our outdoor durability test with the 4-ft NES Reliable Rectangular Plastic Folding Table and the 4-ft NES Wood Folding Table. I have checked on the tables three or four times in the two week time, generally after a storm or heavy rain to make sure that they have not been blown over. While I realize most people will dry off the tables after it rains (since they need to use them) I decided for this test that it is best to leave them alone. If you are in Toronto you will know that the past two weeks has brought lots of rain (at least every other day) and temperatures that are in the high teens to low 20's. As a result the tables have gone through several cycles where they get wet and the water will evaporate in just the past two week.

June 22 Plastic and Wood Table Durability Test June 22 Wood Table Bubbling
June 22 Plastic and Wood Table Durability Test June 22 Wood Table Bubbling

Despite the wet weather the tables are holding up quite well. The 4-ft NES Reliable Plastic Folding Table is in great shape, it doesn't show any signs of wear at all! The 4-ft NES Wood Folding Table is also holding up quite well despite the rain but this week it started showing some signs of wear. Close to the middle of the table, the top ply is starting to bubble a little bit towards the edge of the table. So far this has not compromised the structure of the table at all but it of course has affected the table visually. Going forward it will be interesting to see how quickly this spreads, especially because this week is supposed to be very hot and humid with temperatures in the high 20's to low 30's and humidity making it feel like mid 30's to low 40's. I will give another update in a few weeks to let you know if there has been any change in the 4-ft Rectangle Plywood Folding Table.