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How to Assemble a Large Catering Box for Glassware

You will notice before purchasing our Large Catering Box for Glassware that this product does require some assembly. These instructions will walk you through the assembly of the Large Catering Box including what parts you should receive and what tools are and are not required. Below is what the Large Catering Box will look like when you first receive it.

Catering Boxes Parts

What is included:

  • (1x) Main Box
  • (5x) Horizontal Inserts
  • (3x) Vertical Inserts

Tools required:

  • Just your hands

Step 1: Taking (1x) Vertical Insert and (1x) Horizontal Insert and put left slit of the horizontal insert into the top vertical insert slit.

Catering Box Assembling Inserts

Step 2: Push down fully until the top of the horizontal insert is level with the vertical insert.

Catering Box Assembling Inserts 2

Step 3: Pick up the second vertical insert and push it into the middle slit of the horizontal insert.

Catering Box Assembling Inserts 3

Step 4: Pick up the third vertical insert and push it into the last slit on the horizontal insert.

Catering Box Assembling Inserts 4Catering Box Assembling Inserts 5

Step 5: Pick up the remaining horizontal inserts and push them into the remaining 4 slits on the vertical inserts. Your inserts are now complete.

Catering Box Inserts Assembled

Step 6: Put the inserts aside and lay the box out on a table and fold all the pre-scored sections to make them easier to position.

Bending SeamsBending Seams 2Bending Seams 3

Step 7: Fold the two sides of the box vertical and then fold their end flaps perpendicular towards one another.

Assembling End

Step 8: Fold the end side up and over the side end flaps, securing in the two notches at the bottom of the box.

Assembling End 2Assembling End 3

Step 9: Repeat steps 7 and 8 on the other end of the box. Your box is almost complete.

Catering Box Assembled

Step 10: The final step is to put the completed insert into the box.

Catering Box Inserting InsertsCatering Box Inserting Inserts 2

You’re all done. You can now use your catering box to transport and store your glassware.

If you are missing parts, are having problems with assembly or have another question, please contact our customer service representatives at or 1-800-827-8953.

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