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How Golf Courses Can Drive Off-Season Special Event Revenue [SlideShare]

Weddings are big business in Canada – this fact is a given. In 2014 alone there was over 160,000 weddings with an average cost of $30,000. But weddings aren’t the be all and end all when it comes to a golf course’s special events and food & beverage revenue. Corporate events, charity events and so much more can be attracted to drive off season event sales and keep the revenue flowing – and your staff paid.

Check out the below SlideShare to see how to successfully attract special events during the entire year and as a result, have more revenue to fund operational overhead during the off season. The presentation shares event ideas to stimulate cash flow during the off season and share real world examples that can be made into a seasonal event calendar that can be used as your working document for the upcoming year.

This presentation will also cover the following topics:

  • Where to market your golf course to attract events
  • What events to consider avoiding
  • How to create a holistic event calendar to easily refer to year after year

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