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Difference between Scuba Chair Cover and Spandex Chair Cover

There are a ton of different wedding chair covers available in the marketplace today. Ruched spandex chair covers, spandex chair covers, polyester chair covers, scuba chair covers – the list goes on and on. Because of how many different wedding chair covers exist, understanding the differences between them can be confusing. Here’s the difference between scuba chair covers and spandex chair covers.

Scuba Chair Covers:

  • Thicker fabric
  • Covers chair fabric better
  • Less stretch (less spandex)
  • More expensive
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Tends to be used in hotels and banquet halls

Spandex Chair Covers:

  • Thinner fabric
  • Allows chair fabric to show in certain instances
  • More stretch
  • Less expensive
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Tends to be used by party rental companies

If you’re interested in a quote for spandex chair covers including shipping:


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Are Cross Back Chairs Stackable?

Cross Back Chairs Stack

The answer is: it depends on the supplier of the chair. There are cross back chairs on the market that are not stackable so potential buyers of these chairs – where stacking is a need or want for them – should double check that the chair they’re buying can stack.

Most suppliers will explicitly say that a chair is or isn’t stackable on their cross back chair product page – however some may have forgotten that detail.

The easiest way to tell if a cross back chair is stackable is by looking at the seat in the back corners. There should be a semi-circular notch out in each corner – where the stacking cross-back chair’s legs would nest.


Notches on Wood Cross Back Chairs

If you’re interested in a quote for wood cross back chairs including shipping:


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New in Stock: Children’s White Resin Folding Chairs

Our NES Reliable White Resin Folding Chairs are our most popular selling chair in inventory. And with good reason – they’re just a little more expensive to rent out than a plastic folding chair but lend way more elegance to an event.

Within the past few years, we’ve started seeing a shift towards consumers spending more money on children’s events. Then we started getting asked for more children sized event equipment.

I’m pleased to announce that we now have Children’s White Resin Folding Chairs in stock in our Mississauga warehouse.

Childrens White Resin Folding Chair

Constructed of high-quality resin, White Resin Chairs are sturdy and durable. NES Reliable Children’s White Resin Folding Chairs are easy to set-up and take-down, and stack away neatly when they are no longer needed. These chairs are weather-proof, and won't yellow with age. They are stain resistant and easy to clean when the event is over and these chairs will never need a paint touch-up. Capable of holding up to 195lbs.

NES Reliable Children’s White Resin Folding Chairs come with a two year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

  • Chair Weight: 4.05lbs
  • Case Weight (11 chairs): 44.5lbs
  • Open Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.25" x 11.25" x 21 1/8"
  • Closed Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.25" x 1.5" x 24 1/8"

Pricing starts at $22.95 per chair and goes down in price with quantity purchased.

If you’re interested in a quote for our Children’s White Resin Folding Chair:


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Coming Soon: NES Reliable ABS Folding Tables

60 Inch Round ABS Table

We have been selling our NES Reliable Plastic Folding Tables for over 10 years – same supplier, same specifications. We know our tables aren’t the cheapest on the market, but we know that they perform well, and allow the companies that use them to get their money’s worth out of them. They’re strong durable tables that work for most party rental companies, golf courses, catering companies and event venues that favour plastic over wood tables. But, there still exists the gold standard for folding tables – considered the strongest, most durable tables on the market: the ABS Folding Table.

These tables are the gold standard because they’re used most in high-use/high-turnover establishments. The ABS plastic is very structurally sturdy which gives the table the ability to stand up well to external impacts.

I’m pleased to announce we will be stocking a number of sizes of ABS Folding Tables – available beginning of June 2017!

Sizes available:

  • 6ft x 18” NES Reliable ABS Training Table
  • 8ft x 18” NES Reliable ABS Training Table
  • 6ft x 30” NES Reliable ABS Folding Table
  • 8ft x 30” NES Reliable ABS Folding Table
  • 60” Round NES Reliable ABS Folding Table
  • 72” Round NES Reliable ABS Folding Table

Additional product features include:

  • Tables made of highly durable ABS plastic which is very structurally sturdy with the ability to stand up well to external impacts
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • ¾” table edge (fits most wood table skirting clips)
  • Table legs fold for easy storage and handling
  • Corners designed to absorb and withstand a drop of 1ft without structural damage to the table or corner
  • 16 gauge square steel fame
  • PVC edging
  • Gravity lock folding legs
  • Paper honeycomb core
  • Comes in Grey only

We’re excited to offer these durable, easy to clean tables that will provide our customers with years of reliable service.

If you’re interested in a quote including shipping:


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New – Gold Metallic Spandex Chair Sashes in Stock

We just received another container of event linens – on which were new colours of 30” spandex cocktail table covers, replenishments of our existing spandex and polyester linens and have brought in black spun polyester in a variety of sizes to fill the gaps in our spun polyester table cloths. We also brought in our newest product:

Gold Metallic Spandex Chair Sashes!

Gold Metallic Spandex Chair Sashes

As of right now we currently only have Gold in stock. There is the option of us bringing in Silver in the future.

Additional Details:

  • Double lined
  • 190 gsm
  • Comes with a silver non-removable plastic buckle
  • Machine washable

If you’re interested in a quote including shipping for our new Gold Metallic Spandex Chair Band:

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