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4 Reasons You Should NOT Wait Until April to Buy Your Event Equipment

As the large majority of our customers are party rental companies, we are not unaware of the fact that January – March can be a slower time for the sector. With less major holidays, no major exams for universities and graduations still a far off dream – I can understand how planning event equipment purchases now can seem both premature and/or farfetched. But hear me out. I may even be so bold to state you’re going about buying event equipment wrong – or at least the equipment you know you need for the upcoming season. You’re not a fortune teller after all.

Allow me to list 4 reasons why you shouldn’t wait until April to buy your event equipment.

1. You’ll be first to the market with new products:

We’ve recently brought in a number of new products including new line of spandex table covers, polyester linens, commercial outdoor patio heaters, 13.125" flat pizza plate, an 11" square plate & a 4.75" straight sloped bowl. If you are concerned about being first to the market with new products we offer, buying them sooner rather than later ensures you can be the first to offer your customers new products.

2. No Risk in Stock Delays:

We try our absolute best to ensure we have ample stock of all our products but we can’t always forecast when there’s an outlier order that comes in that needs 700 gold chiavari chairs or 2500 pieces of Nova Table Forks and suddenly we’re in a bind. Buying before April helps ensure you don’t get stuck sourcing additional ways to get what you need. We’d also suggest if you have an idea that you’re going to need something, to let us know as soon as possible so that if we don’t have stock we can get stock in before you require it. Not always possible I know, but we want to work with all our customers (or partners is a better way of looking at our clients) to ensure we can meet and exceed their needs.

3. Less stress:

It’s funny how stress-free buying early can be. You aren’t being held to a deadline and worried about when you need something, if it’s in stock and can you get it delivered tomorrow and so everyone can just relax and enjoy the process for what it is. But as soon as spring rolls around and you have events coming out of the woodwork asking "Are you booked for 100 Tall Folding Cocktail Tables on April 1st?", you’ll wish you had acted sooner on your purchase.

4. You’re not so rushed:

Who wants to be rushed when it comes to spending 20-50k on event staples such as linens, folding tables and chiavari chairs? I don’t know about you, but I like to feel like I’ve got a solid head on my shoulders when I’m making such a serious decision. By shopping for new or replacement event equipment ahead of the event high season, you can make a relaxed and informed decision, and not base your thoughts on silly stipulations like ‘which company is cheapest’ (because let’s be honest – cheaper doesn’t always equate to a good quality product that will get you at least 10 turns of rentals, because in the race to the bottom, it’s usually quality that takes the hit first). We strive to provide high quality products that will allow you to maximize your return on investment while offering good prices.

I hope this little list helps you in your efforts to have an enjoyable experience buying event equipment in 2014. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us or call us Toll Free 1-800-827-8953.