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2 TED Talks from Chefs Sharing Thought-Provoking Ways They’re Changing the World with Food

One of the things I love about TED Talks is they allow us to step outside our everyday working lives and learn from others experiences. Often times, doing this can cause light bulb moments that can be translated and applied back to your business. Check out these two TED Talks from chefs that change the way you think about food and waste.

1) Chef Dan Barber: How I Fell in Love with a Fish

For the past 50 years we've been farming the sea like we were clear cutting forests. Chef Dan Brown thought he was lending to the sustainability movement by cooking a fish he felt good about selling. A fish that was farm-raised to the supposed highest standards of sustainability. But upon doing further innocent questioning, Chef Barber fell out of love with said fish. Until he happened upon another fish. A different fish, first experienced by him in the South of Spain and despite being really overdone was still amazingly delicious. Chef Barber talks with humour about his love affair with only two fish in his lifetime and the future of good food. He definitely provides food for thought.

2) Arthur Potts Dawson: A vision for sustainable restaurants

Chef Arthur Potts-Dawson shares an interesting perspective about his personal vision for drastically reducing restaurant waste; an industry he argues is one of the most wasteful industries in the world – creating recycling, composting, sustainable engines for good food. Chef Potts-Dawson details how he’s managed to create a restaurant that minimizes waste by some innovative tactics as well as time tested ones. Once he got that restaurant off the ground he decided to play with an idea of creating a restaurant that has a no-carbon footprint which he’s accomplished quite well. He’s now extending his quest to create The People’s Supermarket – all in the name of getting food out to a broader spectrum of people and connecting communities in London, England to rural growers. Chef Potts-Dawson quite humbly shares how environmentally conscious businesses are not only doable but profitable in a quest to be more responsible in this world.

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