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New Porcelain Restaurant Tabletop Supplies in Stock

We have been hard at work this past month ordering additional inventory and getting ready for the busy season. It seems like just yesterday it was the holidays and now we’re imminently expecting spring! We recently received a container of porcelain restaurant tabletop supplies – updating our stock levels of Hotelier, Quadrato, and our porcelain platters and serving bowls, as well as introducing new pieces of inventory. Here’s a first look at the new tabletop items we’ve added to our inventory!

Porcelain Sugar Caddy

SKU: H3952

H3952 Sugar Caddy

  • Measures 2 ½” w x 4” l x 1 5/8”h
  • Fits 14-18 sugar/sweetener packets
  • Durable porcelain, made in China
  • Dishwasher / Commercial dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe up to 400F
  • Microwave Safe
  • Inner pack: 6 pcs
  • Master Case: 72 pcs

8oz Cappuccino Cup

SKU: H3080

H3080 8oz Cappuccino Cup

  • Volume: 8oz
  • Saucer purchased separately
  • Dishwasher / Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Durable porcelain, made in China
  • Microwave Safe
  • Oven safe to 400F
  • Master Case: 72 pcs
  • Inner Pack: 6 pcs

Saucer for 8oz Cappuccino Cup

SKU: H3081

Saucer for 8oz Cappuccino Cup

  • Measures 5 7/8” diameter
  • 8oz cappuccino cup purchased separately
  • Dishwasher / Commercial Dishwasher safe
  • Durable porcelain, made in China
  • Microwave Safe
  • Oven Safe to 400F
  • Master Case: 72 pcs
  • Inner Pack: 6 pcs

Noodle Bowl

SKU: A1184

A1184 Noodle Bowl

  • Measures: 10 7/8” diameter / 3 7/8” h
  • Volume: 18oz / 76oz (completely full)
  • Dishwasher / Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Oven Safe to 400F
  • Durable porcelain, made in China
  • Master Case: 12 pcs
  • Inner Pack: 3 pcs

9” Porcelain Pasta Bowl

SKU: H3025

H3025 9in Pasta BowlH3025 9in Pasta Bowl

  • Measures: 9” diameter / 1 ½” h
  • Dishwasher / Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Oven Safe to 400F
  • Durable Porcelain, made in China
  • Master Case: 24 pcs
  • Inner Pack: 4 pcs

4oz Creamer

SKU: H3949

H3949 4oz Creamer

  • Volume: 4oz
  • Dishwasher / Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Oven Safe to 400F
  • Durable porcelain, made in China
  • Master Pack: 96 pcs
  • Inner Pack: 6 pcs

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How to Transport Dinnerware

Transporting plates for catering is a huge concern when a caterer or party rental company is delivering for a special event setup. The transportation method that the plates are stored in needs to ensure that the plates are stable, don’t knock up against each other and also are contained from dust and/or bugs. They need to also be able to easily handle and stack. Here are some of the ways that plates are transported for catering or party rental:

Wire Plate Racks

Wire Plate Racks

Picture Source: Webstaurant Store

Wire plate racks are generally coated in plastic and designed to safely store and transport dinner plates. The wire racks hold the plates apart similar to a dishwasher’s rack so they can be run through the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Afterwards, caterers or party rental companies can wrap the wire racks with saran wrap to keep them sanitary.

Plastic Milk Crates

Plastic Milk Crate

Photo Source: Drader Manufacturing

Plastic milk crates are used by catering and party rental companies as a way of transporting plates to and from event sites. Generally they are taken out of the crate, washed in a commercial dishwasher and then placed back in the crate clean. The milk crate is then saran wrapped to keep the plates sanitary and free of dust / bugs.

Plastic Plate Racks

Plastic Dish Rack

Picture Source: Webstaurant Store

Plastic plate racks are designed to hold plates during a washing cycle. The durable racks have pegs that allow the separating of plates so they can quickly air dry after washing. The plate is made secure in the rack during washing cycles & transportation to reduce chipping and breakage while the rack is stackable to save space.

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New 11 inch Pasta Plate in Stock

We have been expanding our tabletop selection with a new pieces in our melamine serveware and new stemmed water glass as well as new spun polyester linens. I’m pleased to announce a new addition to our restaurant-quality porcelain dinnerware: a new 11 inch Shallow Pasta Plate.

Shallow Pasta Plate

This restaurant-quality porcelain pasta bowl is sophisticated enough for a fine dining establishment yet sturdy enough for a fast-casual atmosphere.

Perfect for serving appetizer salads as well as pasta, this versatile 11 inch shallow pasta bowl also offers a fantastic presentation for expertly plated steak, chicken or fish entrees. The clean, simple lines of the bowl and pristine white colour coordinates seamlessly with other dinnerware and serving pieces.

It is oven safe to 400F, dishwasher / commercial dishwasher safe, microwave safe and made in China. It measures 11 inches diameter and 2.25 inches high. It is available in inner packs of 3 or a full case of 18 pieces.

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How much does Bone China Dinnerware Cost in Canada?

Bone China DinnerwareBone China is a fantastic addition to five star restaurants, high-end event venues and party rental companies that service the affluent luxury events. It sets the tone for the event by showcasing the translucent opulence that exists in the dinnerware line. When a company is looking into purchasing bone china dinnerware for their establishments, one of the most important questions they ask is "how much does bone china dinnerware cost in Canada?" This blog post attempts to answer that important question so companies have an idea how much they should be budgeting for the purchase.

Bone china dinnerware in Canada is sold in numerous different dinner pieces including but not limited to: tea cup and saucer, side plate, rim soup plate, and dinner plate. For consistency, I will reference a traditional 5 piece place setting of a dinner plate, salad plate, rim soup plate, tea cup and saucer.

A bone china dinner plate will vary in price in Canada from $7.95 to $51.75. A bone china rim soup plate will vary in price in Canada from $6.95 to $73.50. A bone china side plate will vary in price in Canada from $4.95 to $25.50. A bone china tea cup will vary in price in Canada from $3.95 to $33.75. Last but not least a bone china saucer will vary in price in Canada from $3.95 to $18.00. As a result of the wide range of costs, a 5pc set will range in price from $27.75 to $135.00. The difference in cost for all of these items is very much dependent on the brand name, whether it’s a retail or wholesale location, and if there’s any patterns associated with the bone china dinnerware.

Hopefully this blog post provides you with the answers you need to begin the purchasing process.

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Who is the Best Restaurant Supply Store in Vancouver? (Reviews/Ratings)

CooksSo you live in Vancouver, BC and you’re looking for a way to lower your current restaurant costs for tabletop supplies. OR perhaps you’re looking to extend your budget by sourcing lower cost restaurant dishes or melamine serveware – whatever the situation may be, once you know you're ready to move forward, the next step is finding the right restaurant supply for the project.

Considering we've supplied hundreds of convention centers, hotel restaurants and full-service standalone restaurants in the Vancouver area over the past few years, as well as the fact that we've seen so many other restaurant supply stores and their products/service, we're happy to give our thoughts on some of the better restaurant supply stores in the city.

As you're likely aware, we at National Event Supply have been expanding our target market from nationwide party rental companies across Canada to restaurants. Selling direct to restaurants instead of through a distributor model allows us to offer the same quality tabletop supplies as the major brands, without all the middlemen taking a cut of the total cost. Although factory-direct wholesalers have been popping up to meet the restaurant industry’s needs for years, there are some occasions (due to kickbacks, one-stop shop, immediacy etc.) where a restaurant supply store makes sense over a wholesaler. In a case like this, we'd recommend you consider the following companies:

1. Puddifoot:

Based on Rand Avenue by Fraser River Park in Southlands, Puddifoot is well known for distributing very high-end dinnerware lines such as the Patra and Nikko brands as well as custom designs and productions by request.

2. Hendrix Foodservice Equipment:

Based out of Brockville, ON with two locations in British Columbia including one on the east side of the Trans-Canada Hwy, Hendrix Foodservice Equipment offers the largest one-stop shop collection on this list of foodservice equipment, food prep, smallwares, chef knives, tabletop & serving, furniture etc.

3. Pacific Restaurant Supply:

Based in the neighbourhood of Hastings on E Cordova Street in Vancouver, Pacific Restaurant Supply is not only a restaurant supply company but also help clients design and build their restaurants along with a full service custom stainless fabrication and installation company allowing custom installations.

So there you have it, an honest assessment of some of the best restaurant supply stores in Vancouver.

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