Painless ways to increase your restaurant profits


I’ve been fascinated lately with the concept of mindful eating and how to “hack” your environments to lose weight and maintain healthy habits painlessly. I came across author, leading behavioural economist and food psychologist Brian Wansink on my quest for more information regarding mindful eating and how mindless eating can cause weight to creep on.

While I started out reading his book “Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life” by Brian Wansink from a personal standpoint, while I was reading the chapter on restaurants it occurred to me that there was information in the book that could benefit restaurant owners and franchisees that have some control over their menu and porcelain dinnerware collections. I’ve rounded up some of the best tips to easily and painlessly increase your restaurant profits – without your customers knowing you’re doing it and still leaving satisfied!

1. Buy smaller plates (example – downsize from an 11in plate to just under a 10 inch plate). For buffet owners, portions still look to be equivalent, but there’s actually less food being eaten, less food being wasted and the buffet restaurant therefore spends less. For table service restaurants – buying smaller plates still applies because diners feel like they’re getting better value for their money even when there’s less food on a smaller plate.

2. Ask your wait staff to sit diners farthest from the buffet. It makes food less tempting for diners as they can’t see the buffet easily, and makes it less convenient to go up to get more food.

3. Add descriptive words to lower food cost items to entice more sales – words that are sensory (crisp, pillowy, velvety), nostalgic (old-style, grandma’s), geographic (peruvian, southwestern). Diners are more tempted to order a crisp summer salad with avocado and shrimp then a shrimp salad.

4. Offer half plate portions. Most restaurant portions nowadays are large enough that a number of diners consciously choose to only eat half their entrée and take the rest home. If your restaurant is renowned for generous portions, diners that are just not that hungry may even be inclined to choose another restaurant. They may or may not order an appetizer or dessert depending on their appetite. With half plate portions, diners are more likely to feel they have room for an appetizer or dessert and a drink – equating to more money spent per cheque. Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Yorkdale, Jamie’s Italian Restaurant, does half plate pasta portions well.

To learn more tricks to increase your restaurant profits, buy Slim by Design by Brian Wansink on Amazon Canada or Chapters.

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New Special Order Product: Folding Leg Harvest Tables

A few years ago we brought in solid wood harvest tables to compliment the rustic wedding trend along with adding cross back chairs to satisfy the chair component of the trend. These harvest tables were so popular this year that we had a hard time keeping them in stock. Their unfortunate downfall is they don’t have folding legs. They do have removable legs, however, this can be hard for party rental companies as there is no clips underneath the table to store the legs – so legs need to be very closely watched so nothing gets lost.

I’m pleased to announce that we now have the ability to special order Wood Harvest Tables with Folding Legs!

Wood harvest Table with Folding Legs

These tables come from our wood table manufacturer whom we routinely receive containers from. Production and lead time is around 45-60 days. The NES 8 foot Harvest Table has been designed to exceed the needs of the party rental industry. They feature a walnut stained 1.5" thick top made from Pine with supports that form a box on the underside of the table.

The legs on the NES 8-ft x 40" Solid Wood Harvest Tables are 2.75" square pieces of solid Pine that fold flat underneath the table.

NES Wood Harvest Tables can be used indoors or outdoors, and are perfect for any organisation that wants a durable rustic wooden folding table.

If you’re interested in a quote including shipping for the wood harvest table with folding legs:


New Special Order Product-Wood Cross Back Bar Stools

We have had a few requests for these special order chairs and decided it was worth mentioning to our readers that we have the ability to special-order wood cross back bar stools in any of the wood cross back chair colours we have in stock.

Because we order from our wood cross back chair factory multiple times a year, we have the ability to add bar stools to an existing order whenever our customers require them.

Please see below for additional details regarding the wood cross back bar stools available for special order!

Wood Cross Back Bar Stools

Constructed of elm wood, the National Event Supply Wood Cross Back Bar Chairs are a fantastic addition to your rental inventory or restaurant. Available for purchase with or without a cushion depending on the look you desire, these wood cross back bar stools are the perfect accent to a variety of event themes. Because of their design, they hug the back of a person's body making for a comfortable seating experience. These are special order items with a production and delivery time of 90 - 120 days.

Additional Details:

  • Constructed of Elmwood
  • Commercial Quality
  • Non-marring floor glides
  • Available in any of the cross back chair colours we sell: Rustic, Brown Rustic, Vineland Brown and Dark Brown
  • Available with or without a natural cushion
  • Stackable up to 4 chairs high
  • Footrest for comfortable seated position
  • Solid wood seat
  • Curved back that moulds to the body
  • Weight: 11.25lbs
  • Dimensions: Chair from the bottom of legs to top of the chair back: 43.625" high, seat is: 16.125" deep x 17.5" wide. Seat height: 30" high
  • Pricing ranges from $134.95 to $189.95

If you’re interested in a quote for our wood cross back bar stools:

Sound the Alarm – Some of our Bestsellers are Back in Stock

Harvest Tables at Elite Party Rentals

Image courtesy of: Elite Party Rentals

We had a really busy spring and sold more than we expected of some of our bestselling event tables and wood folding chairs. We’ve been out of stock on cruiser tables in particular since early May and Harvest Tables since the Rental Show in February. It has been painful not having the stock since it’s something we try our absolute best to maintain ample levels at all times.

I’m pleased to announce that all sizes of cruiser tables, their individual parts, solid wood harvest tables and dark fruitwood folding chairs are all now back in stock.

We’ve already contacted our backorder list to let them know they are able to pick up and we’ve shipped all outstanding orders so if you’re interested in a quote on any of the cruiser tables, harvest tables or dark fruitwood folding chairs:

How to Assemble a Large Catering Box Lid

Step 1: Fold along all the pre-scored edges to make the corrugated plastic more pliable.

Catering Box Lid Fold Along Scores

Catering Box Lid Fold Along Scores 2

Step 2: Fold the two small rectangular tabs upright so they are perpendicular to the bottom of the box.

Catering Box Lid Fold Tabs into Notches

Step 3: Fold the end piece with two panels over the two small tabs, tucking them into the notches.

Catering Box Lid Folding

Step 4: Repeat step 3 on the other end of the box.

Catering Box Lid Repeat

Step 5: Your lid is now complete and can be put on your large catering box.

Catering Box Lid Complete