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Care and Maintenance of NES Reliable ABS Folding Tables

For general cleaning and trouble-free use of our NES Reliable ABS tables, follow these simple instructions.

  • Work surfaces can be cleaned with any alcohol based industrial glass cleaner or simply a light soap water mixture. Windex is the recommended option for this product.
  • For heavy, malicious markings, Simple Green, Clorox spray or other multipurpose glass cleaners coupled with a stiff brush will clean most problem areas. It will be necessary to wipe the table down with Windex afterwards to complete the process.
  • Aggressive, solvent based cleaners simply are not necessary to keep your tables looking clean and new. Solvent based products can damage the plastic and should not be used.


Do not use these products:

*        Solvent based cleaners such as mineral oil, mineral spirits or turpentine.

*        Citrus cleaners (all contain high levels of citric acids that penetrate plastic).

*        Orange oil based cleaners (all contain citric acid).

*        Heavy-duty cleaners such as Fantastic, 409 and other aggressive industrial cleaners that are designed for bathrooms and kitchens.

*        Powdered cleaners such as Ajax or Bon Ami.


  •          Heavy, intentional marking by pen or permanent marker may be difficult or impossible to completely remove. Using the above methods will create the best results.
  •          Proper care and careful use is the best method of maintaining the finish of the product.